D&R Invest has acquired the property Westenhellweg 9 Dortmund

03 Jan 2012 / News
KrŸger-Haus Passage Dortmund

D&R Investments has acquired the property located at the Westenhellweg 9 in Dortmund, also known as the “Kruger Haus”, for Platina Immobilien BV & Co Kg. The Kruger Haus is one of the most famous properties in the city centre of Dortmund and is mostly know for its beautiful monumental passage. The property thanks its name to the family Kruger, which occupied the property with their book shop between 1912 and 2009.

The Kruger Haus has a retail surface of 4.856m2 , main tenants are Douglas and Promod. D&R Investments intends to optimize the property in the future while maintaining its historic character. Jurgen Kleinert Immobilien acted as agent in this deal on behalf of the buyer.